All-glass separating walls and doors with aluminium frames

Internal glass separating walls with aluminium frames will allow you an undisturbed view around the space. At the same time they ensure enough natural light to interiors. This way the space gets an impressive touch of lighting. If you are interested, glass separating walls can be made with increased acoustic insulation appreciated by many people.

The ease of maintenance and the possibility of changes of lay-out in the future belong amonge another advantage. Architects like the glass separating wall systems because it opens up more options in terms of variability. Aditionally, all-glass walls will give your building an exclusive design that is more and more requested not only for commercial buildings and structures for gathering the people but also for family houses and villas.

All-glass interior separating walls are manufactured in following design:

  • Sliding partitions
  • Fixed walls with side-hung doors
  • Fixed separating walls

We manufacture all-glass walls for you from high-quality safety glass, thermally tempered or glued glass Connex. Construction depends on the static design of individual walls set to brand fitting. Glass can be supplied as straight, curved or arched in the dimension up to 2250 by 6000 millimetres. Fitting is provided in design and finish of your choice.

For all-glass internal walls following glass can be used:

  • Clear
  • Coloured in the mass Planibel
  • Satin finish
  • With printing by Screen printing method
  • Colored by computer controlled plotter
  • Etched following pattern with multiple etching option
  • Glued with multicoloured foil including photographic printing on foil
  • Transparent partially, Smart glass


Price list on all-glass separating walls and doors with aluminium frames is not available to the public because we prefer individual pricing for a specific order. If you are interested, please contact us or visit personally in Cerna Hora (30 km from Brno - near the roundabout).