Aluminium windows for houses and buildings

Aluminum windows for houses and buildings stand out above others thanks to their strength and durability. A big advantage is minimal maintenance and therefore they are very popular nowadays. Aluminium as a material has a long life, does not deform or shape and this is why it is suitable for production of windows and doors. Due to its resistence aluminium windows are suitable for extreme usage. These windows last even in demanding weather conditions.

Aluminium windows can be made in many colours. Using sprays or foils imitation of wooden structure can be achieved. At first glance you don't have to even know that this is a high-quality aluminium window. You will feel that you still have new windows that do not age.

The price is slightly higher than for wood or cheap plastic windows but thanks to their quality, comfortable maintenance and lifetime the aluminium windows easily overcome this difference. You'll appreciate the benefits of aluminum windows after a longer time or after an unpleasant experience with ordinary windows.

We carry out installation of aluminium windows from SCHÜCO, ALUPROF, WICONA, REYNAERS, SAPA ARTLINE and other foreign manufacturers thanks to which we belong among the top in the Czech Republic.

Aluminium windows systems

The basic division of these systems is on the profiles with interrupted thermal bridge (outer filling of spaces) or without interrupted thermal bridge (indoor separating walls and doors).

  • Window versions are offered as Standard, Hidden frame of a window sash, Shapped profiles, Fire resistant
  • Door versions are as Standard, Shaped profile, Fire resistant
  • Sliding, Lift sliding or Swing down sliding
  • Facade variants are offered as Classic column bar facade, Structural design with mastic joint or slim trimming, Snap-on facade on supporting steel or wooden bearing structure, Block facade

We offer the following types of windows: Fixed, Rotating, Folding, Open-folding, Tilt-sliding, Tipping out, 1-wing, 2-wing

System dilatation profiles allow the realization of band windows. Using static profiles also large stallboard walls can be constructed. Window system can be applied for the production of automatic doors portals.


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Price list on aluminium windows is not available to the public because we prefer individual pricing for a specific order. If you are interested, please contact us or visit personally in Cerna Hora (30 km from Brno - near the roundabout).