Aluminium facade systems for the perfect look

Aluminium facade systems are a solution suitable for large glass surfaces, the oversize display, large roof skylights or winter gardens. Thanks to the glass system a bulding will be lighted and its interior will blend with the surrounding environment. An aluminium made structure is resistant to environmental influences and virtually maintenance-free.

Aluminium is a non-flammable material. In compare with most metals it does not rust and therefore it fits perfectly for this purpose. Thanks to the aluminium the branch of facade systems production is shifted a big step forward not only in the area of security but also durability and resistance. Aluminium facade systems allow us to work with a large space without significant thermal leakage.

Aluminium facade systems have almost unlimited choices of colour variations and combinations of opening. In combination with glass, the facade systems are very welcomed and modern design element not only for commercial buildings but also for family houses whose owners tend to minimalism and contemporary elegance.

There can be inserted various types of window and door systems into facade systems. Using special frame profiles it is possible to accommodate all types of openings.

Variants of glazing the facade system:

  • Non-insulating safety glass
  • Insulating safety glass
  • Full insulating fill


fasadni syst1fasadni syst2fasadni syst3


Price list on aluminium facade systems is not available to the public because we prefer individual pricing for a specific order. If you are interested, please contact us or visit personally in Cerna Hora (30 km from Brno - near the roundabout).