Building equipment for demanding clients

For large and demanding clients, we implement the complete equipment of buildings. We offer solutions for shopping malls, public, administrative and industrial buildings. Mostly it is all-glass walls and doors, automatic doors, sectional industrial and garage doors or equipment for hypermarkets (rack systems, freezers).

All-glass internal partitions and doors offer to company a modern, clean and elegant division of inner spaces inside of office buildings, including the all-glass doors or folding partitions. This is also a good solution for frameless shop windows in corridors.

Automatic doors are available as sliding (single, double, telescopic), rotary (swindoor drives) or framed or all-glass carousels depending on customer requirements.

Sectional industrial and garage doors we offer in various types and different finishes. Controlled by a switch or a remote control. Also, everything depends on specific requirements of a customer here.

Especially for hypermarkets we offer shelf space systems TEGOMETAL and STOREBEST and also freezers (without technology).

We also supply an installation of equipment for hypermarkets. Areas of specialization is a delivery of shelf space systems of renowned brands TEGOMETAL and STOREBEST and freezers (without technology).


Price list on building equipment is not available to the public because we prefer individual pricing for a specific order. If you are interested, please contact us or visit personally in Cerna Hora (30 km from Brno - near the roundabout).