Panoramic walls

Panoramic wall sliding system Schüco ASS 77 PD

ASS 77 PD Series (Panoramic Design) allows the realization of large-size sliding systems with maximum transparency. This type is characterized by minimum visible profile widths and with a frame integrated hidden into the building structure. In addition to the design these aluminum sliding doors also has an excellent thermal insulation up to the level of the passive house standard. The frame integrated propulsion and control provide a maximum of driving comfort.



SCHÜCO sliding doors meet all requirements for functionality, comfort and design. On top of this, they will also satisfy high safety requirements.

A great advantage is the extraordinary strength of the aluminium profiles which contribute to increasing protection against intrusion. Depending on the equipment of sliding doors system it can be implemented a protection against the intrusion up to class 2 (RC2).

For power-operated sliding elements, there is also available a suitable security system: Schüco e-Slide has a reliable protection against closing by means of intelligent software. The wing will return immediately to the open position if it meets with an obstacle such as a person or an object. Thanks to the alternative additional infra-red sensors such an obstacle can be identified while the sliding element is getting closer.



In the winter, cold stays outside. In the summer, heat stays outside. Sliding doors Schüco have a thermal insulation up to the level of a passive house and therefore in each season they guarantee a comfort room climate. It is for a good feeling during the heating season and for lower costs for air conditioning in hot summer. In short, for the responsible handling of energies.

Saving energy does not only mean benefits in the field of global climate protection but also the financial savings. In view of the sharply rising energy prices every builder should be interested.

Sliding and folding doors must meet high requirements in terms of thermal insulation, especially when a large-format construction is required. This means high levels of comfort are guaranteed by a nice and steady room climate. Moreover, there is saving of precious energy and reducing of high costs not only in the winter but also in the summer time. Since there is no penetration of heat inside in the summer it can significantly reduce the costs associated with the air conditioned area.

It is the perfect combination for optimal comfort and a huge potential for energy savings.



Do you need doors that can easily move aside as required and thus create a generous pass up to two-thirds of the width of an element? Schüco sliding doors moves silently on stainless door runner rail made of stainless steel.

All the sliding elements run in one line without any disturbing from wings projecting in the space. With sliding doors Schüco the room substantially increases for ideas about the arrangement of the room. You can combine up to six glazed frames.

Sliding elements are also ideal for transparent and flexible dividing of the interior. The color diversity is so great that most definitely you will find a suitable colour for your existing equipment.

The content and the photos are taken from Schüco websites.