Sliding systems

Do you want to have bigger comfort and a perfect sense of open space in your living and you don't want to have eg. the winter garden log entry? If so, just for you, there are special sliding or folding door systems. Thanks to them you will save a lot of space and increase your feeling of the open space. Following view on the almost uninterrupted glass surface will be appreciated especially if you like watching the countryside.

Sliding glass surfaces in combination with narrow aluminium profiles will ensure a maximum flow of light into your living or work environment. Such a glazed area removes the boundary between indoor and outdoor environments and provides viewing comfort that is not disturbed. Living or work space with a sliding door will blend with a garden or a terrace.

Glass doors also do not protrude into the space as traditional door wings and mainly they don't take up as much space. You can also use folding door systems looking like a harmonica and by folding the large areas increase the space for housing.

There are both non-insulated systems and heat-insulated variants. Robust insulation sliding doors can be mounted for example even with an electric motor with the possibility of remote control. If you are a classical design proponents you can have a door with a handle which can close the sliding door very easily and gently. The threshold can be aligned with the upper edge of the floor so you will not fall over.


posuv syst1posuv syst2posuv syst3


Price list on aluminium sliding systems is not available to the public because we prefer individual pricing for a specific order. If you are interested, please contact us or visit personally in Cerna Hora (30 km from Brno - near the roundabout).