Shading system as an improvement or for living

Shading system allows us to regulate the amount of light and heat energy coming through transparent structures into a building and thus affects the comfort of living in a given space. It is highly important to shield the heat flow for residential units which are oriented to a sunny side without the possibility of transverse ventilation. Such properties are during summer tropical season almost uninhabitable. Shading systems are assembled and supplied both for commercial buildings and family houses.

Sunshades for functional design

Sunshades are system elements of a facade which prevent the penetration of direct solar radiation into a building and thus effectively contribute to a favourable climate and comfort inside the glass-walled space. We supply sunshades of different profiles: fixed or movable where fins can be also fitted with photovoltaic cells for the production of electrical energy from solar radiation. We can install these integrated solar systems on your request. As for material of the fins, this may be aluminium of different colours, glass or wood. We assemble the sunshades mostly of the following manufacturers: SCHÜCO, REYNAERS that PERCEIVES, HUNTER-DOUGLAS, ALARIS.

Sun-blinds and Roller-blinds in the modern design

Sun-blinds and Roller-blinds are a modern and effective way of shading which, nowadays, can be controlled either manually or motor-driven. The sun-blinds are most commonly made of aluminum blades of various width and shapes, including accessories. Roller-blinds can be made of other materials, mainly textile.

Sun-blinds may be designed as a front window (visible or hidden lines and a box), in between the glass (maintenance-free, allergy free, for sliding doors) or internal. Front window and in between the glass blinds can be equipped with electric motor, programmed for automatic functions or additionally connected to a central system of a building environmental control. The sun-blinds as well as roller-blinds are original and functional complement of modern facades.


Price list on sun screening and solar systems is not available to the public because we prefer individual pricing for a specific order. If you are interested, please contact us or visit personally in Cerna Hora (30 km from Brno - near the roundabout).